Need Advice?

A lot of us love taking candid photographs of the life around us, but are not quite sure how to develop and become more prolific. Photographing the streets offers a great opportunity to explore deeply what it is that we would like to communicate with our camera. A chance to really integrate photography into our everyday life with a sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

I mentor group workshops a few times a year, but if you need a more tailor made advice or guidance in finding your vision and developing your work, I’m happy to help. Currently there are two ways you can work with me.


Simply talking about where you are with your photography can go a long way. I can help review your work, offering advice on how to get where you want to go, and suggesting paths that may be more effective. We can do this via an online call or video conference ($150 for 2 hours)

Meet Up

Whether you’re traveling through or are a local, you can join me on my walks exploring my favorite spots of Bangkok and getting my best advice on how to become more effective on the streets. My dirty city guided walks are available for individual and group sessions. ($250 for 3 hours)

A little more on me

A Bangkok-based photographer with a deep passion for travelling and exploring the streets, my work covers personal projects and photography resulting from countless hours roaming the streets at home and other cities I visit. My most recent completed work, Platform 10 (a project that was shot on a single platform at the Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok) has become a Photobook. Published by Peanut Press in New York, the book is available for purchase right here on this site.

I am a strong believer of education and along with mentoring a few group workshops a year I also offer private consult sessions as well as guided street photowalks in Bangkok. I also write photography blogs on Rambles that are meant to share my inspirations and moderate several street photography groups on both Facebook and Flickr where I also provide regular critiques.

With a strong inclination towards philosophy and harmonious living, I believe my role is to encourage photographers to think about their work more deeply and find who they really are behind the camera.

You can find out more about my work and me using the sidebar menu. :)